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We are operating a locked door policy for the safety of our staff and yourselves.

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Why Choose Us

Visioncare is a independently run practice in Hitchin in the district of Hertfordshire.

Just recently under new management!
As one of the new wave of independent opticians, our aim is to combine the highest standards of clinical care with some of the best spectacles sourced on your behalf. Our collections are sourced from leading designers around the world because we care about the way you see and the way you are seen.

Established since 1998, we have spent a lot of time getting to know our customers and understand exactly what they want. Our good, honest expertise and support means that our customers always make their best choice from our extensive range of eye-wear and contact lenses. Our clients tend to stay with us for many years, which is the acid test of our service.
Our team of clinicians are of the highest professional calibre. They offer comprehensive eye examinations, contact lens fittings and full aftercare. We supply only the best quality lenses available, with coatings that are designed to last. Spectacles and sunglasses do not always get treated gently, so our customers have an unlimited invitation to return them for free servicing and adjustment

We use only the very best brands for your frames, brands such as Chloe, St Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Oliver Peoples, Lindberg, Tom ford, Moncler and many more, and our technical equipment is state-of-the-art. We provide our patients with an in-depth, professional and thorough consultation to give you the best healthcare and most suitable eye-wear for all your visual needs. Whether you want a certain brand, or a certain frame we will find the right look for you.

Yes, we are highly professional, but we also care greatly about your sight and your appearance. Our successful practice has built its reputation largely by recommendation from our loyal and satisfied customers.

Our Equipment

Visioncare use only the best - We have state of the art equipment to ensure that your eyes have the best possible care

We are pleased to announce a Brand new  fully equipped Testing room , including  state of the art Optical Coherence Tomography  (OCT) scanning equipment, this means our optometrists are now able to take both a digital photograph and a 3D cross sectional scan of the back of your eye in one sitting, allowing an instant and early diagnosis of a number of ocular conditions.


Visioncare use only the best - Up to date, modern and well respected brands to give you the best possible results and quality selection of glasses

Contact Lenses

Modern technological advances mean that contact lens are available to 99% of the population. They are now more comfortable, affordable and convenient alternatives to glasses when it comes to sport and social activities, where spectacles may not be the most practical solution.

Hitchin Visioncare is an independent Optician and not tied to any one supplier or manufacturer, which enables us to source the contact lens design and material most suited to your individual needs, lifestyle and prescription.

We specialise in all types of contact lenses from rigid, gas permeable, multi focal/bifocal to soft daily disposables and our clients range from across all ages. Naturally contact lenses are there to correct our everyday vision however most recent advances in technology have also seen the introduction of varifocal contact lenses.

At your initial consultation, the optometrist will discuss with you your expectations regarding lifestyle, leisure activities, and working environment and then the appropriate measurements and necessary tests will be carried out before you are given professional advice on the most suitable lenses for you.

Once the best contact lens of choice has been selected you will then be taught how to insert and remove the lenses. A follow up appointment will then be arranged to review your progress.

Contact lens are an excellent form of vision correction but only if they fit well and you are comfortable. Hitchin Visioncare will provide you with the best opportunity for success and comfort in this field.

Meet Our Team

Visioncare have recently undertaken new management. Meet our new team.
NameShane Lewis

Visioncare RoleJoint Owner
NameTania Lewis

Visioncare RoleJoint Owner
NameLauren Swallow

Visioncare RolePractice Manager
NameKatherine Steed

Visioncare RoleTrainee Dispensing Optician
Name Christina Young

Visioncare RoleResident Optometrist
NameLaura Sharman

Visioncare RoleOptometrist
NameAnn Theaker

Hitchin Visioncare has a wealth of experience in the team, coupled with vibrant energy. We will help you have the best possible service to fit your needs.

Hitchin Visioncare look forward to providing you with a great personal experience and a warm welcome.

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